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About Sense4B

Sense4B is a perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS) manufacturer which operates in Security Systems, Alarm Systems and Defence Industry (Borderline Security) markets. Marketing activities of Sense4B has started early 2018 with Sense4B Fence Watch Pro which is designed to detect intruders for a wide range of fence types.

Sense4B Fence Watch can detect climbing, lifting and cutting movements on fence and generate alert (alarm) for security guards. Sense4B products can easily transfer alarm signals to camera systems (cctv) with wide range of integration ability. Sense4B Fence Watch Pro is differing from other fence alarm systems with its detection technology and data transformation methods. Its easy to implement Sense4B products as a perimeter intruder detection systems on fence at facilities, airports, railways, farms, pipelines, borderlines and other places.



Sense4B Fence Watch System can detect the intruders’ activities such as; climbing over the fence, cutting the fence and lifting the fence.

Sense4B Fence Watch sensors can be assembled on to the fence with 8 to 12 meters between them. (Depending on the fence type)

2 sensor lines can be connected to every sink panel which are composed of 75 sensors for each. with this way, 1200-1800 meter secure border can be formed depending on the fence type with 2 sensor lines which have 1 sink panel and 75 sensors for each.

The energy requirement of sink panels which has 80W power consumption is met by 50Hz 220VAC network voltage. Additionally to the energy requirement, the Sense4B Fence Watch server is accessed by 1 TCP/IP internet port. If there is no network in the field, alternative solutions will be proposed by Sense4B.

Sense4B Fence Watch System inform the user about the wind intensity by measuring it momentarily. Additionally, automatic and Manuel filtering mechanism are available in system to prevent the false alarms due to the wind.

Sense4B Fence Watch System can filter out the noises caused by railway, highway etc.

if the fence panels are connected to each other, in other words, a vibration in one panel can be transferred to the other, this type of fence is suitable for Sense4B Fence Watch system. If there are walls between the fence panels and vibration transmission is blocked by the wall, Sense4B Fence Watch system can be adopted to this type of fences by putting a sensor to each independent fence panel.

Sense4B Fence Watch System can filter out the movements of these animals in a way that it does not create alarm. There are configurations can be formed to generate alarms for the movements of animals like cats, dogs and birds depend on the customer wish.

Sense4B Fence Watch System can be integrated to every camera system which has hardware and software integration feature. Additionally, Sense4B Fence Watch System can also be integrated with the systems like lightening and hooter, gate entry, toll gate, sliding door etc.

In case of cut, alarm is generated for every cable inside Sense4B Fence Watch System including the sensor line cables. Additionally, the information regarding which cable is cut between the sensors can be conducted to the user.

The repair of cut sensor line cable is pretty simple. After the shutdown of related fuse inside sink panel, cut sensor line cable can be repaired by screwing in terminal boxes supplied to user like an electrical cable. Additionally, Sense4B Fence Watch sensor line cables are standard products which can be supplied by any store which sells cables.

The cable cut in one sensor line does not affect the working of other sensor lines. The system continues to operate to the point where the cut appears in sink panel and it produce alarm for the cut point.

We sell our products to the end user together with our trustable partners who are experts in infrastructure. Offers are provided such that it contains the all needs of Sense4B Fence Watch System like hardware and software, infrastructure materials, workmanships, setup and establishment, camera integrations, maintenance support during warranty period etc. we continue to satisfy the needs of our customers after the sale together with our partners and technical staffs. <br>User satisfaction is most valuable advertisement channel for Sense4B family.

You can start to use the system between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the field requirements.


You can contact with our main vendor for project estimating, bidding and orders.

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